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CIMBAR - High purity white barytes (barium sulfate)
BARIMITE - High purity off-white barytes (barium sulfate)

CHEMICALLY PURIFIED BARIUM SULFATE – Cimbar’s chemically purified barium sulfate products are very high purity products.

Miti-Wite-Industrial - The Miti-Wite is for industrial applications.
Bariscan-USP - The Bariscan line is a pharmaceutical grade product; it is USP and FDA certified.

Bara 200 - Economical API grade barium sulfate for oilfield applications
Bara 325 - Economical barium sulfate for numerous extender and filler applications

TALC - (High Aspect Ratio Grades)

Talc for Cosmetic/USP applications – Food, Pharmacy & Food Contact Applications

EliteTalc Series

Ultrafine-Talc for TPO - high brightness, stiffness and toughness


Talc for TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefins) –

FlexTalc Series - Pelletized/Densified & Powder Grades Available
RP 9400 Series
RP 9300 Series
9100 Series (Silane Treatment Available)

Talc for Polypropylene, Thermosets, Adhesive/Sealants & Caulks

9100 Series (Silane Treatment Available)
RP 9400 Series
RP 9300 Series
FlexTalc Series - Pelletized/Densified & Powder Grades Available
CimTuff Talc & CimTuff S – S = Silane Treated
MV Series

Talc for Polypropylene

9100 Series (Silane Treatment Available)
RP 9400 Series
RP 9300 Series

Talc for Polyesters – Body Filler Compounds & High-Viscosity Applications

Gel Talc/Body Filler

Talc for Coatings

MV Series
9100 Series (Silane Treatment Available)

Talcs for Anti-Block applications – LDPE & LLDPE film applications

Clear-Bloc 80 – Suitable for Food Contact

Talcs for Adhesives, Sealants, Mastics, Construction Compounds

9103 Series (Silane Treatment Available)
MV Series
RP 9400 Series

Recycled Mineral Filler - RMF

RMF – This is a 90% Post-Consumer industrial mineral that is uniform in particle size distribution and can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications. It is successfully being used in latex and other resin/polymer formulations.


Crescent - Cimbar’s Crescent Calcium Carbonate is ideal for all extender and filler applications. Crescent is used in a variety of drilling fluid and oil field applications as well.
RiverCal – This limestone derived product is 99% pure calcium carbonate. It is very white and offers rounded particle shape and low-dusting. Many competitive calcium carbonates have sharp edges and create nuisance dust. RiverCal is ultra-soft with very low abrasion and moisture making it an economical filler this is ideal for thermosets and thermoplastics. RiverCal is also widely used in paint, coatings, adhesives & sealants, rubber and PVC applications.


ULTRAMAG - Naturally ground flame retardant/smoke suppressant. Cost effective alternative for hydrated aluminas (ATH)


SUSPENGEL: INDUSTRIAL- Economical pigment suspension agent for water-borne formulations, agricultural chemical carrier, pond/tank sealants, paper de-inking, coal tar emulsions, etc.


CAL-BEN - agricultural chemical carrier and thickeners

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