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CIMBAR Performance Mineral’s heritage dates back to 1914, in the United States. Now headquartered in Chatsworth, Georgia, CIMBAR operates 17 production and mining sites in the United States, China, Mexico and Pakistan. In the US, CIMBAR has 7 production sites in four states. Over the years CIMBAR has developed into a global business focused on minerals and additives, engineered to enhance the performance, appearance, processing and functionality in a broad range of product markets including industrial, automotive, pharmaceutical and consumer-based applications. With a strong expertise in inorganic materials, the CIMBAR product portfolio of high value products now includes: barium sulfates, talc, magnesium hydroxide, 100% recycled mineral products and now ATH – alumina trihydrate. You receive the products you want, packaged to suit your specifications, when and where you need them.

Cimbar is backed by the resources of United Minerals and Properties; we are well positioned to serve our rapidly growing customer base. We leverage our capabilities in worldwide transportation, processing know-how, and financial strength offering our network of distributors, state-of-the-art processing facilities, and well-experienced support staff.


As the leading international supplier of barium sulfate and a major producer of talc and magnesium hydroxide, we constantly seek new solutions utilizing the most up-to-date mineral processing technology and know-how. By listening to your needs and carefully following our ISO 9000 based quality systems, we can deliver the products that not only meet our rigid specifications, but also conform to your specific formulation requirements.

With a strong belief in establishing a long-term relationship with each of our customers, we continue to pursue new technologies and generate new ideas for your success. Our technical sales support team and laboratory specialists gladly lend their industry expertise to your unique applications while being supported by our company’s research and problem solving expertise. Our distribution network and direct technical sales support team are able to provide full-service support to help you reach your performance and profit goals.