Alumina Trihydrate – Al (OH3)


Cimbar Performance Minerals Polyfill/PolyJet/Optiload series Alumina Trihydrate is a highly refined, inert mineral flame retardant and smoke suppressant. Offering lower costs, greater flexibility and non toxic flame retardant solutions compared to bromine and halogenated flame retardants. Utilizing proprietary grinding, classifying and surface modification technology, Cimbar Performance Minerals Polyfill/PolyJet series Alumina Trihydrate offer a broad spectrum of products for any industrial application.

Industrial uses include; thermoplastic, thermoset plastic (SMC/BMC, pultrusion/extrusion), elastomers, latex backing, coatings and sealants.

Alumina Trihydrate is the most used flame retardant in the world by volume and the use of Alumina Trihydrate will continue to grow as a flame retardant and smoke suppressant with companies moving away from bromine and halogenated flame retardants.