ATH Alumina Trihydrate

A white, translucent powder that is also commonly called aluminum hydroxide. Alumina trihydrate is an inert, non toxic mineral filler used primarily for flame retardancy and smoke suppression. Alumina trihydrate is produced from refining raw bauxite ore. There are two processes to refine bauxite; the Sintered process or the Bayer process. When refining bauxite ore, two products are produced; metallurgical and chemical grade alumina. Alumina trihydrate is chemical grade alumina. Alumina trihydrate has three (3) molecules of water encapsulated in the ore. When compounds containing alumina trihydrate are introduced to elevated temperatures, alumina trihydrate endothermically releases water vapor. The water vapor released imparts flame retardancy and smoke suppression. By volume, alumina trihydrate is the most commonly used flame retardant and smoke suppressant for industrial applications. Beside the flame retardancy and smoke suppression, alumina trihydrate is an excellent polymer extender and mineral filler. Other benefits to using alumina trihydrate are that it is environmental safe, non toxic and halogen free.