UltraMag & UltraMag SA

Cimbar’s UltraMag® product line is a naturally sourced, high-purity brucite mineral based Magnesium Hydroxide powder. It’s non-toxic nature doesn’t require any special handling which makes this product a very cost effective alternative to precipitated Mg(OH)2 and hydrated alumina type products, where higher processing temperatures are required. Cimbar’s UltraMag® products have higher initial decomposition temperature of about 340° C, versus the 230° C limit for the hydrated alumina FR products currently available. These new products are well suited for a wide variety of applications including wire & cable, plastic decking and automotive plastics. These FR products can be used in coatings & adhesives too. 1 micron and 3 micron grades are available in both of the new grades listed below.

UltraMag® SA is specifically developed to provide a far superior FR and smoke suppression rating in thermoplastic and elastomeric compounds. These new grades are produced with our own, in-house designed milling equipment to enhance each particle with a fatty acid treatment that provides optimum dispersion characteristics for polyolefin based compounds where higher loading levels of FR additives are desired.

UltraMag® starts with the same high-quality FR base material as the SA grade, however it is produced using Cimbar’s own, proprietary particle surface modification treatment that provides a major improvement in the compounding characteristics as well as formulation rheology. UltraMag®  is highly compatible with and can be formulated into a wide variety of polyolefin and other polymeric compounds.