Suspengel products are manufactured from the best world-class deposits of high quality, sodium bentonite clays mined in Wyoming. 176615532Our full range of bentonite grades are used as rheological additives and pigment suspension agents in water-borne formulations, but some grades are also used as carriers for agricultural chemicals; pond/tank sealants; paper de-inking; etc.  The range of bentonite grades we offer include the finer 200-mesh and 325-mesh grades along with our coarser granular 30-mesh 16-mesh grades.460067489  The 200-mesh and 325-mesh grades are also available in a PLUS option that incorporate an additive which enhances the natural thickening capability of the natural bentonite clay and allows it to wet out faster than standard grades.



Suspengel Applications

Absorbent Foundry Sand Mixes Sealants
Adhesive Liner for Landfill Sites Stucco
Agricultural Chemical Carrier Paper De-Inking Textured Coatings
Cat Litter Pond Liners Water-Based Coatings
Clarifying Agent Pond Sealers